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Endangered Instruments Program

The ECYS Endangered Instruments Program is designed to encourage musicians to take up the instruments that are highly sought after by orchestras:

  • Double Bass
  • French Horn
  • Viola

ECYS will support musicians interested in switching to or taking up an endangered instrument. 

Students enrolled in the program may receive:

  • Subsidized group lessons
  • A free rental instrument
  • Placement in an ECYS orchestra or ensemble once their skills have reached a sufficient level

Who should apply?

Musicians ages 8-13. Older students may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Motivated musicians! Students must have good practice habits and be willing to dedicate regular practice time to learning a new instrument.

Musicians must have a minimum of one-year experience on any instrument, must be able to read music and pass an audition with EIP faculty.

ianists are great candidates to take up Double BassMany pianists wish to play in orchestra, but piano is mainly a solo instrument. Pianists already have strong reading and knowledge of music theory. They should make fairly quick progress on the bass.

Middle School students who are in band but are not receiving lessons are ideal candidates for the French Horn. They may use their school instrument as well.

It is relatively easy for violinists to switch to viola. Beginning violists will also be considered for the program.


EIP Scholarships, which are need-based, are available.

Fall Session Schedule

Viola - Monday afternoons with Vladimir Klibanov - Mondays, 4-5:30pm (FULL)
Double Bass - Monday evenings with Bruce Moyer - Mondays, 6-7pm
French Horn - Monday evenings with Leslie Hart - Mondays, 7-8pm

At this time, we would like to hear from any who would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Please fill out the form below if you would like to receive further details or to be contacted about program participation. 

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